Stop Worrying About Cavities: How long does a Dental Filling Take?

Every dental cavity differs from others, and you will find some small, light, extensive, and dark. It doesn’t matter what kind it is; a dental cavity is always unhealthy and can be fixed by a dental filling. The dental filling has become a standard procedure to repair a decayed or chipped tooth with mild to moderate damage.

If you are wondering how long a dental filling takes, it can take 10 minutes to an hour, but it all depends on the location and size of your cavity. Read on to know more.

What is Dental Filling?

These days, having a dental cavity has become quite common. It is painful and may also affect our daily life, from chewing and eating to speaking correctly. That is where we need a cavity filling. The cavity-filling procedure has become one of the most common ways of resolving dental decay that has been able to penetrate through the tooth’s dental enamel.

Just as the name suggests, the cavity filling procedure involves filling the cavity with a dental-grade material so that any further damage to the tooth can be prevented. Other than that, the structural capability of the tooth can also be restored.

How Much Time Does Filling Take at a Dentist?

Looking at the question of how long a dental filling take, one can interpret it in different ways. One is to know how long the procedure takes at a dentist, whereas the second is to see the time it may take for the filling to settle in. The dental process takes less than an hour if it is a small filling. Although it depends on the materials the dentist uses, you may have to return the second time to complete the process.

Some composites might be made from an impression, and a bond is required to the filling, meaning you need a second visit. Here is a detailed guide for you to understand composite filling. The gold and porcelain fillings are usually easy to use and, therefore, can be placed easily in a single visit. If you want to replace an old filling, it can take a little longer as the dentist may need to drill out the old filling first.

What Steps Are Involved in the Dental Filling Process?

The dental filling process involves the following main steps.

  • Anesthesia

The process begins with injecting local anesthesia to numb the area. Deeper cavities are present at the back of the teeth; they usually need anesthesia. On the other hand, the front cavities can be removed by the air abrasion tool.

  • Removing Tooth Enamel

Now is the time to remove the decaying tooth enamel, which a drill or laser can do. The dentist sterilizes the entire area to prevent the bacteria.

  • Filling Applied Material

By looking at the cavity’s severity, location, and size, the dentist chooses the filling material among gold, silver amalgam, or porcelain. To make the custom fabrication of the filling, a custom fabrication is taken.

  • Polishing

When the filling is properly sealed in its place, the dentist makes the edges smooth. A dental filling sometimes also needs polishing to match the colour and texture of a natural-looking tooth.

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