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At EDentist, we believe every dentist appointment should be a positive experience rather than a dreaded day. We’re committed to transforming your idea of the dental office through quality service, friendly attitudes, and a sense of relaxation. You’ll leave feeling satisfied after each visit. EDentist believes in comprehensive care, so our Bentleigh East dental clinic serves all ages and offers various procedures. Whether cosmetic, implant or restorative care, EDentist has the dental services you need.

Our Dental Services in Bentleigh East

Visit a dentist in Bentleigh East twice a year for a routine check-up and to help cure and prevent oral health issues.
Brighten your smile and increase your self-confidence with our effective teeth whitening solutions.
Restore oral function and aesthetics with professional prosthodontic procedures.

Call, stop by our office, or book online today to schedule an appointment.

Why EDentist is Right for You

We’re more than your everyday dental office. Our commitment to providing care to everyone in the Bentleigh East community is evident in our array of dental services.

Children’s Dentistry

Dental health and care are essential at an early age. Get your children started at a calming and reassuring dental office.

General Dentistry

From routine check-ups and extractions to dental fillings and gum treatments, we’ve got everything you need to restore or maintain your oral health.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our cosmetic dentistry services will surely give you that confident pearly smile you’ve always wanted.

Specialised Dentistry Procedures

Our top-class dentistry procedures can help restore both oral appearance and function.

Emergency Dental Service

At EDentist, we know that dental emergencies are no rare occurrence. We’re open late, and we’ll do our best to accommodate same-day emergency appointments to get you the care you need when you need it. Further, we believe in affordable prices that do less damage to your wallet. If you have an issue that can’t wait, such as severe toothache, a broken tooth, or swollen gums, give us a call immediately. Our experienced dentists can proficiently perform root canal treatment, tooth extraction, tooth replacement, or any other procedure you require. We’ll have you on your way and feeling 100% in no time. Reach our Bentleigh East location at

Other Dental Services

If you have a dental issue, chances are the experts at EDentist have the means and experience to provide the care you require. Do you need your wisdom teeth out? We offer same-day extraction with a variety of sedation options. We’ll take a quick oral x-ray, curate a treatment plan that fits your needs, provide a fair and honest quote, and get started on the procedure. Are you looking for dental implants? Our experienced dental surgeons use high-quality materials and the latest technology to give you the best possible experience and result. Do you have an oral issue but can’t pinpoint the cause? Schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable dentists and let them quickly diagnose and solve the problem.

Switch to EDentist Today

When you make EDentist your dental office, you know you’re getting high-quality, professional, and friendly service. With experience in all dental fields and procedures, our dentists will help improve your oral health and hygiene. Providing care to people of all ages, we’re as family-friendly as it gets in the dental industry. Our general, cosmetic, and specialised dentistry services are each top-class. Whether you want to whiten your smile, restore your oral function, or increase your oral aesthetic, EDentist is the office to call.

Want to know how your daily dental routine should look? We’ve got tips and tricks to help you keep your bright white smile. Check out some of our blogs to learn more about maintaining your oral health and how EDentist can improve your daily life.

Friendly Staff

At EDentist, we treat you like family. Our friendly service will change the way you view your next dentist appointment.

Professional Procedures

Each member of our EDentist team is highly-trained in their field, so you know you’re receiving quality professional dental care.

Comprehensive Service

EDentist is your one-stop shop for all dental services. No matter your age, we’ll provide attentive care.

Client Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding your perfect family dentist doesn’t need to be a struggle. EDentist serves people of all ages, including children, so your entire family is welcome.
Our Bentleigh East location stands at 955 Centre Rd, Bentleigh East, VIC 3165. It is just south of the Mackie Rd Reserve, north of Yarra Yarra Golf Club, east of the Monash Health Moorabbin Hospital, and west of Huntingdale Golf Club.
If you have mouth or gum pain, a toothache, or any other dental emergency at night, call EDentist immediately. We’re open late and offer emergency services, so we’ll do our best to accommodate your emergency appointment.

In the top right-hand corner of our EDentist website page, click the “Book Now” button to begin scheduling your appointment. The following page will ask if you’ve had a prior appointment with EDentist, so be sure to press the button for new patients rather than existing ones. You’ll then select the reason for your appointment, your desired practitioner, and the date and time of your appointment.

Once you’ve entered all of the required personal information, you’ll be set for your first EDentist appointment.

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