Root Canal Treatment

Repair Infected Teeth to Restore Your Oral Health

When tooth decay is too severe for fillings and other dental procedures to work, root canal treatment is the best way to save the tooth. At EDentist Bentleigh East, we have a team of qualified professionals ready to offer you the solutions you need to restore your smile and avoid tooth extraction. We prioritise your comfort as we remove the infection, clean the tooth, and seal it with a permanent filling or crown.

Are you dealing with severe tooth decay or damage? Get in touch with us today to learn how our root canal therapy can help.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Underneath the hard enamel surface, you see in your mouth, each tooth contains a “root canal” full of tooth pulp made of nerves and soft tissue. The root canal extends down to your tooth’s root, where it connects to your jawbone. Cavities and tooth decay can expose the root canal, causing infections, gum disease, and other oral health issues.

Root canal therapy is a dental treatment that involves removing the infected pulp, cleaning out your damaged tooth’s interior, and restoring its strength with a filling or crown. We can save your tooth and prevent further damage.

When Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

While cavities and tooth decay are common, untreated infections can lead to irreversible damage to the nerves in your root canal. At that point, your options are root canal therapy or removing the tooth. You may need a root canal if you are experiencing a sore or aching tooth, a bump on the gum line below the infected tooth, or discomfort whenever you bite down on the tooth. The treatment might be crucial if a foul odour accompanies these symptoms.

Root canal therapy removes the dead nerve tissues and bacteria in your tooth, stopping the infection from spreading.

What to Expect During Your Root Canal Treatment

Your root canal treatment will take place over several visits. The first visit will involve removing the infected or damaged nerve tissue. Afterwards, the dentist will fill the roots of the tooth with an antibiotic to treat any remaining infection. At the next visit, your dentist shapes the canals to prepare them for filling. The dentist will fill your tooth’s root with bio-inert filling material to prevent new infections from forming. In your final appointment, the dentist will fit a crown over the tooth to protect it from damage.

At each visit, we will numb the affected tooth to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. On top of that, our team will take multiple x-rays to monitor treatment progress, providing satisfactory results.

Prevent Tooth Loss

Root canal treatments are an ideal solution to repair your damaged tooth and preserve your teeth’s natural arrangement. You no longer have to worry about losing your teeth.

Boost Oral Health

Severe tooth decay can result in excessive damage and excruciating toothaches. Root canal therapy keeps your teeth in good condition, significantly enhancing your oral health.

Improve Teeth Aesthetics

Your root canal treatment will generally include fitting a tooth-coloured crown to create a natural tooth appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite being an intensive procedure, root canal treatment is mostly pain-free. Our dentists use a local anesthetic to numb the gums surrounding the affected tooth. Root canals feel similar to having a cavity filled.
As the tooth heals, you might experience tenderness in the area. Fortunately, this will subside after a day or two. Taking over-the-counter pain medication and eating soft foods can help ease your discomfort as your tooth heals.

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